Friday, June 19, 2009

Yeah I told him... I told him I'd wait forever... sure...

Sharon Jacobs - Marketing Manager

Of course I told him I'd wait forever... I was lying, but I told him. Look, I was no saint, but when you meet some asshole at a drive in and all he wants to do is fool around in the marginally strangest sexual position possible it's definitely pleasurable, but it is NOT something that you want to last forever. It's something thats now or never. But hell... I ain't complaining... it takes a lot for me... he knew he had a job to do, and he knew there was no use in complaining.

But did you think something might happen?

Man we were killing time! We were young and restless, we needed to unwind. This wasn't a question of love... this was a question of marginally strange sexual acts. You know nothing can last forever. Nooooooo.

What if I told you he still plays that old six string and wonders about what went wrong?

I would say he probably does that. He was weird. You know he would play that thing until his finger bled? Who does that... Helen Keller would have that happen to her while she read braille, but really that's about it. He was weird.

How was his band?

They were absolutely awful. Jimmy was the only one who was any good... and he quit for good reason. Everyone else was trying real hard but there's a difference between trying real hard and having any modicum of talent. Jimmy had talent. To tell you the truth, I was only sixty-nining that guy to get to Jimmy. It's true, I'll admit it. Jimmy wouldn't want to just sit on his momma's porch. He really was an awful lover.

How do you feel when you look back now?

That summer lasted forever. For-EVER. Those were the most predictable and boring days of my life. Wait... did you come up with this title?

The summer of 69: An Oral History? Yeah.

Bravo. We're all proud of you and your clever name.


I'm being sarcastic.

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